Laboratories – common workplaces

In cooperation with universities CESNET operates several joint laboratories. The aim is to support the teaching of network technology professionals and to create a R&D environment.

The laboratories are also accessible to other members of the CESNET association and cooperating institutions.

SITOLA – Laboratory of Advaned Networking Technologies

The conjoint worklpace for research and development of advanced networking technologies and applications was established in 2002 by Faculty of Informatics MU, Institute of Computer Science MU a CESNET Association.

It focuses on research in following areas:sitola_medium

  • network, multimedia, visualization and simulation technologies; parallel numerical computations; biomedical simulations
  • the development of high-quality low-delay video transmissions including network protocols; compression algorithms used in graphic cards and planning systems; multi-point transmission management

Location: Faculty of Informatics, MU, Brno


Contact: RNDr. Miloš Liška Ph.D.,

SAGELab – Laboratory for research and education in modern networking and multimedia technologies

The lab represents the collaboration among the CESNET Association, Faculty of Information Technologies and Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague.sage_lab_01e-300x201

The SAGElab offers a large visualization screen of 9600×4320 pixels (over 8K×4K) that is formed of LCD panels with ultrathin frames (5 mm between images). The equipment is connected to high-speed optical network at a speed of 10 Gbps. The software SAGE (Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment) is used for control. The laboratory is further equipped with a number of other resources for:

  • teaching – eg selected subjects from the field of computer graphics
  • high-definition multimedia presentation (photo, video)
  • telepresentation.

Location: Faculty of Informatics, CTU, Prague





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