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CESNET provides advanced information and communication services for science, research, and education in the Czech Republic. It is an association of legal entities whose members are public and state universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences. The association operates and develops an academic computer network, provides a secure way of logging into its portfolio of services, offers an environment for demanding calculations, provides data storage space, and provides communication tools for individuals and teams.

  • Comprehensive portfolio of ICT services
  • Research, development, innovation
  • Secure IT environment
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CESNET Milestones

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SAGElab celebrates 10 years

SAGElab celebrates 10 years

SAGElab celebrates 10 years

We signed a memorandum about cooperation with the House of Lobkowicz

The transformation of the network to CESNET3 has been completed

Network upgrade to CESNET3 enabling data transfer in the backbone at speeds up to 400 Gbit/s per channel

The transformation of the network to CESNET3 has been completed

CESNET has created a unique 3D presentation of digital models of textile collection objects in cooperation with the Prague City Museum.

We used for the first time the low-latency transmission technology MVTP for the interplay of three remote musicians from Prague, Brno, and Zlín for the unique concert of the Silver Band and their guests, .

Metacenter's cloud services have been enhanced with a GUI for users that greatly improves its usability.

CESNET commissioned a new data storage facility with a capacity of 26.6 PB in Brno and also one with a capacity of 25.5 PB in Dolní Břežany.


CESNET association was granted the top domestic scientific reward “Česká hlava” in the Industrie category.

Mr. Jan Gruntorád received the “Křišťálová lupa” reward for his lifetime contribution to the Czech internet.

CESNET developed the acceleration card for 400Gb networks.

In Ostrava, we put into operation one of the largest data storage facilities in the Czech Republic.

We developed a technology to detect vibrations on the fibre infrastructure


CESNET became a member of EOSC association (European Open Science Cloud)

MetaCentrum significantly extended and modernized its computing infrastructure by 8432 CPU cores.

CESNET became a part of the hSOC initiative (Hospital Security Operation Center)

The director of the CESNET association changed for the first time in the history; Mr. Jakub Papírník became the new director.


e-INFRA CZ activity launched

e-INFRA CZ activity launched
CESNET accepted as a member of EOSC (European Open Science Cloud)


Next generation backbone network designed

Building of elDAS services for remote electronic signing started


eduroam network significantly expanded in secondary and primary schools

Transition to object storage facility started


Suite of security services expanded

Prague circuit Zikova-BIOCEV (Vestec) – ELI (Dolní Břežany) commissioned
Provision of penetration and stress tests (FLAB)


Introducing the restored film Ikarie XB1 – a shared project with the National Film Archive

CESNET network connected at 100 Gb/s to GÉANT infrastructure
Virtualisation platform launched


Mentat system launched

Hadoop cluster for big data launched
Experimental 400Gb/s transmissions
Mentat system launched


COMBO-100G card introduced

The association entered the FENIX security project
ownCloud service launched
Eduroam launched at train stations


FLAB forensic laboratory opened

The association entered the ELIXIR.CZ infrastructure
Data storage facility launched in Brno and Jihlava
LHCONE network connection for CERN-CZ


First lines increased to 100 Gb/s

First lines increased to 100 Gb/s
First data storage facility in Plzeň opened


Metacentrum offers computing on GPU graphics cards

Mentat and Warden systems development launched
Optical transmission of time between Prague–Vienna
CSIRT.CZ handed over to CZ.NIC


CESNET included in the Czech Large Infrastructure Roadmap

CSIRT.CZ declared a national CSIRT team
CESNET interfaces natively with Google’s IPv6 protocol


First tests of the 40 Gb/s backbone network

MetaCentrum declared a national grid infrastructure
MVTP platform created


Start an Adobe Connect web conference

eduID.cz federation established
CSIRT.CZ team launched
Adobe Connect web conferences launched


First 4K (UHD) video transmissions between Prague, Seattle, Chicago, San Diego, Tokyo and Amsterdam

First spin-off INVEA-TECH, a. s., established


nterconnection of CESNET, ACOnet (Austria) and SANET (Slovakia)

The first public video conference in HD quality in the Czech Republic and one of the first in the EU.


UltraGrid technology introduced

Network core upgraded to DWDM with 10 Gb/s channels
Intercontinental FulIHD video transmission


eduroam network launched

Network reinforcement on the Prague–Brno line to 10 Gb/s
CESNET-CERTS security team established


IPv6 deployment in production environment

CESNET CA certification authority established


Development of CzechLight and COMBO devices launched

Backbone network transition to fibre optics completed
Connection to the Géant network at 10 Gb/s


CESNET2 backbone network with 2.5 Gb/s line capacity

Central authentication and authorisation system created


Network reinforcement on the Prague– Brno line to 2.5 Gb/s

CESNET divested its commercial network
IP telephony project launched


The experimental IPv6 ATM network started

CESNET built TEN-155 CZ network with connection to the European TEN-155


CESNET is a founding member of the CZ.NIC association, administrator of the national .cz domain

Metacentrum incorporated into CESNET


TEN-34 backbone network with a transmission speed of 34 Mbps launched

Spuštění páteřní sítě TEN-34 s přenosovou rychlostí 34 Mb/s


CESNET association established

Academic network transfer from CTU to the new entity
CESNET is a founding member of the NIX.cz association