Areas of research

Research and development has a crucial role to play in the association.
We are engaged in the field of advanced network technologies and applications.
We apply new knowledge in the development of the national e-infrastructure of CESNET.

Our researchers

Our team has a number of successful grant applicants.


We are involved in solving a wide range of projects with different partners at national and international level.


We represent the Czech Republic in the activities of the European Open Science Cloud.

Outputs from research

Transferring research results into practice.
We have a number of patents based on our research results,


We have a number of patents based on our research results,.

New significant outputs from our research

CESNET association’s patent enables implementation of fast compression algorithms
The CESNET association, jointly with the CTU Faculty of Information Technology in Prague, has acquired a patent for A system for implementation of a dispersion table.  It protects our invention of efficient hash tables implementation in the FPGA. It can be used in some compression algorthms and other applications. Our press release provides more details.
CzechLight Family Device Granted US Patent
The United States Patent and Trademark Office has registered patent document No. 9,654,215 Spectrally flexible device for bidirectional transmissions of optical signals sensitive to timing on 16 May this year. The CzechLight family of devices, to which this solution belongs, enables long-distance transmission of highly accurate and stable optical signals over hundreds or thousands of kilometres and, notably, making use of spectral bands that are not in use in telecommunications fibres for the time being. Our press release contains further details.

Last change: 23.7.2020