Secure Gate for Internet of Things (SIoT)

Acronym: SIoT

Poskytovatel: MV ČR
Program: VI - Bezpečnostní výzkum České republiky 2015-2022
Identification number: VI20172020079

Implementation period: 1/2017–3/2020

Coordinatior: CESNET
Number of partners: 2
Role of CESNET: koordinátor
Manager for CESNET:
Ing. Jan Kořenek, Ph.D.

The aim of the project is to enhance security of Internet of Things (IoT) networks, where many unsecured devices are vulnerable to network attacks. The project proposes to improve security by creating an access gateway for IoT networks.The gateway will be able to support wide range of wireless protocols and will provide precise monitoring of network traffic to have maximum information about the IoT network and detect network attacks and incidents.

The gateway will provide a simple and well-defined API for adding custom detection modules. It means that administrator or any other user will be able to create and run custom modules as a reaction to the current cyber threats or problems in the IoT network. Project goal is also to provide an open-source platform for the community of people in IoT security.

The gateway will model the communication of individual IoT nodes and report deviations from normal behavior. The precision of the model will be improved by additional information provided by other IoT nodes.

Functional sample of the gateway will be created on the OpenWRT router with several USB dongles to access wireless protocols/networks. Open operating system enables to support the functionality of the gateway on multiple devices, because OpenWRT is currently available for many home routers. It means that he producers of IoT devices and solutions will be able to create secure gateway from commodity router with standard or custom USB dongles.

Last change: 26.3.2020