Digital models for national infrastructure for heritage institutions (ETA Modely)

Acronym: ETA Modely

Poskytovatel: TA ČR
Program: TL – Program na podporu aplikovaného společenskovědního a humanitního výzkumu, experimentálního vývoje a inovací ÉTA (2018 – 2023)
Identification number: TL01000152

Implementation period: 4/2018–3/2021

Coordinatior: CESNET
Number of partners: 3
Role of CESNET: koordinátor
Manager for CESNET:
Dr. Ing. Sven Ubik

The aim of the project is to extend the current way of collection documentation in museums and archives using interactive 3D models. The project will propose appropriate procedures both for curators of collections and exhibitions, as well as for technical implementation.

We will extend the MUSEION collection documentation system to support interactive 3D models. We will link this extension with the national platform and with the web portal of the City museum of Prague. We will propose a connection with the European platform. We will verify the created tools in a museum project(exhibition).

Our goal is to create an infrastructure that collection institutions can use to store and access information-rich digital images of collection items. The timeframe is 3 years.

Last change: 7.4.2020