Special projects for advanced research and technology in Europe (SPARTA)

Acronym: SPARTA

Poskytovatel: European Union
Program: H2020
Identification number: 830892

Implementation period: 2/2019–1/2022

Commissariat A L Energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives – France
Number of partners: 44
Role of CESNET: partner
Manager for CESNET:
Ing. Martin Žádník, Ph.D.

SPARTA will create a long-lasting community capable of collaboration to define, develop, share, and evolve solutions that will help practitioners prevent cybercrime and enhance cybersecurity.

It shall re-imagine the way cybersecurity research, innovation, and training are performed in Europe across domains and expertise, from foundations to applications, in academia and industry. The project aims to become a unique innovation force in cybersecurity with transformative impacts on European Union economy, infrastructures, society and democracy.

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Last change: 26.3.2020