Monitoring of sensitive items with Internet of Things (Mon-IoT)

Acronym: Mon-IoT

Poskytovatel: Ministry of industry and trade
Program: FV – TRIO
Identification number: FV30192

Implementation period: 4/2018–12/2020

Alternetivo s.r.o.
Number of partners: 4
Role of CESNET: partner
Manager for CESNET:
Dr. Ing. Sven Ubik

The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive system for monitoring
of valuable and sensitive objects using the Internet of Things (IoT) elements.
Target objects include collections items in museums, medical samples, sensitive
electronics, musical instruments, etc. The system will monitor environment
values, handling of objects as well as track the locality of objects.

The project will include validation of the system in a national pilot
operation and preparation of the results for sale. The Internet of Things
introduces new communication protocols and a new infrastructure that enables
more economic networking of a large number of devices. In the proposed project,
we will solve substantial limitations of the current technologies that can be
used to track valuable and sensitive objects. Environment, vibration and
orientation sensors for sensitive objects communicating with long-range
wireless protocols, frequent measurement period, long autonomous operation time
and energy-efficient position tracking are currently not available.

The result of the project will be a comprehensive system for monitoring of
sensitive objects over the Internet of Things, including:

  • a prototype of a stationary sensor for continuous monitoring of the status
    of valuable and sensitive objects via the Internet of Things with long-range
    information transmission, frequent monitoring period, long autonomous
    operation, with the possibility of quick information on a critical change,
  • a prototype of a mobile sensor for continuous tracking of items via the
    Internet of Things without energy-intensive modules such as GPS, GSM, wifi,
    etc., with long autonomous operation time,
  • software for sensor localization, bulk management and monitoring, data
    collection and storage, statistics processing, and communication of essential
    states towards users.

Last change: 7.4.2020