Czech national infrastructure for biological data (ELIXIR-CZ)

Acronym: ELIXIR-CZ (2020-2022)

Poskytovatel: MŠMT
Program: LM – Projekty velké výzkumné infrastruktury
Identification number: LM2018131

Implementation period: 1/2020–12/2022

Coordinatior: ÚOCHB
Number of partners: 12
Role of CESNET: partner
Manager for CESNET:
Mgr. Miroslav Ruda

ELIXIR CZ is a large research infrastructure in the field of life sciences
focused on biological data, their processing, storing, sharing and analysis. It
is based on the expert part provided by the unique know-how of leading experts
in the field of bioinformatics, genomics, biology, medicine, computer science
and computer engineering and on the technical part consisting of a
heterogeneous set of hardware and software resources and specific architectures
according to the nature of the data processed. This unique technical solution
is primarily built on the direct involvement of e-infrastructures responsible
for advanced IT solutions, building data storage, access to data and computing

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Last change: 7.4.2020