ELIXIR-CZ: Capacity building

Acromyn: ELIXIR-CZ: Capacity building

Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic
Program: EF – Operační program výzkum, vývoj, vzdělávání
Identification number: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001777

Implementation period: 05/2017–04/2021

Coordinator: MU
Number of participants in the project: 6
Role of CESNET: partner
Coordinator for CESNET: Mgr. Miroslav Ruda

The project plans to build and expand the computing and storage infrastructure in the Czech Republic for the storage, processing and analysis of data from the field of life sciences. It also directly supports the development of selected tools and databases that are very beneficial to the scientific community and which enrich the infrastructure with advanced and highly sophisticated services.

The project strengthens the current computing infrastructure by acquiring and installing the equivalent of 200 high-density computing nodes (2-4 CPUs, approx. 256 GB RAM) in a cluster three, adding about 2 PB storage capacity to the ELIXIR-CZ community, and extending the software portfolio by restoring existing and adding new licensing of relevant commercial software packages.

The three research programs in the project will increase the capabilities of the ELIXIR-CZ infrastructure by using:

  1. the new functionality of RepeatExplorer (a bioinformatic tool for characterizing repetitive elements of the new generation of sequential data (NGS), which will be enhanced by the ability to process long sequential readings produced by modern sequencers),
  2. Portal Accessible Dolbico Platform for Analysis of Structure-Functional Nucleic Acid Relationships,
  3. Enhancing the Quality of Biomacromolecular Structures in Protein Database (PDB) by developing ligand validation tools (MotveValidator and ValidatorDB) and for automatic annotation of the secondary protein structure.

All these activities will strengthen the ELIXIR-CZ infrastructure and increase its prestige in the international environment.

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