eIGeR: network infrastructure

The aim of this eIGeR activity is to gradually upgrade the equipment in regional nodes so that the high-capacity transfers of 40 Gbps and higher would be enabled. The important aspect is the deployment of DWDM infrastructure for establishing end-to-end high-throughput channels for use by end users (principally research locations) in individual regions.

Alongside the common IP connectivity (both IPv4 and IPv6), connections to the global Internet, and to the pan-European GÉANT academic network we offer regions more services including user virtual private networks or dedicated optical channels that will serve for interconnection of dislocated sites.

The project realization will lead to a significant strengthening of a communications infrastructure, namely regarding the optical layer with higher number of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) channels as well as support for higher transmission capacity of individual channels. This will open the possibility to offer dedicated transmission channels and end-to-end services e.g. for remote access to highly specialized instruments, equipment and experiments. The installation of new-generation core equipment into the network layer will upgrade the backbone network throughput to a completely new level and at the same time will facilitate offering advanced communication services equally across various locations of the Czech Republic.


Last change: 21.6.2013