Extension of the National R&D Information Infrastructure in Regions (eIGeR)

The main goal of Extension of the National R&D Information Infrastructure in Regions (eIGeR) project was the development of a regional core of complex national e-infrastructure for research and development within the Czech Republic which involved all integral components necessary for providing services with high added value.

Implementation phase of the project was completed on 31. 10. 2013, phase of sustainability cncluded on 31. 10. 2018.

Primarily it involved the following:

The purpose of the project was that the infrastructure responds to the expected needs concerning volume, content, and character of data communication is the near future, with a special emphasis on the growing research infrastructures in regions and their inclusion in the European research area. At the end of the project the created qualitatively new e-infrastructure provided services to organizations in the research and development or their research infrastructures located in the regions. Alongside new projects there were mainly subjects using network services of current CESNET2 network who became the clients of new complex e-infrastructure after the project completion.

The project enabled a significant qualitative and quantitative improvement of regional access to national and European research and development infrastructure and its large projects. At the same time the project led to augmenting proportion of regions in covering services and needs for research infrastructures and improved the situation for their involvement in the European research era. More powerful enhanced complex e-infrastructure facilitated significantly the Czech research teams dislocated beyond the Prague capital in regions of the Czech Republic an access to unique research infrastructure physically located in abroad and opened an access to sufficient computing and storage capacity.

eIGeR project responded to needs of communications and information services in regions for Czech research, experimental development and innovations described in the Roadmap for Large Research,Development and Innovation Infrastructures in the Czech Republic (pdf) by modernization of existing communications infrastructure and its services in regions into the next generation infrastructure. The research plan was supported by need survey of most important research infrastructures listed in the Roadmap for Large Research, Development and Innovation Infrastructures in the Czech Republic (existing infrastructures as well as planned ones) and user needs of existing CESNET2 infrastructure and MetaCentre.

Project eIGeR was financed under the Operational programme for Research and Development for Innovations (VaVpI), track 3, call 2.3.

Project registration number: CZ.1.05/3.2.00/08.0142
Project start date: 1. 1. 2010
Implementation phase start date: 1. 5. 2011
Expected implementation phase completion date: 31. 10. 2013
Total planned project cost: 754 040 thousand CZK
Plánované způsobilé výdaje projektu: 599 285 thousand CZK



Financial support recipient: sdružení CESNET, z. s. p. o.
Project coordinator: Ing. Jan Gruntorád, CSc.
Project manager: Ing. Jan Fürman
Contact email: eiger@cesnet.cz


Last change: 10.2.2020