CESNET E-Infrastructure – Modernisation

Akronym: CESNET E-Infrastructure – Modernisation

Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic
Program: Operational Programme Research, Development and Education
Identification number: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001797

Implementation period: 01/2017–12/2020

Role of CESNET: recipient
Project manager for CESNET:
Ing. Jan Gruntorád, CSc.

The content of the project is the necessary modernidation of the CESNET e-infrastructure, which is a strategic infrastructure for research and development in the Czech Republic, assuring connection to the European Research Area.

The CESNET e-infrastructure is a transparent environment for transferring, storing and processing scientific data for entities dealing with research, development and innovation regardless of their scientific fields. The main components of the infrastructure are the highly permeable national communication infrastructure, the distributed computing infrastructure, the infrastructure of data storage and an environment for cooperation among distributed teams. These are complemented by tools and services for managing access to e‑infrastructure resources, tools for ensuring communication security and data protection and tools for effective cooperation.


  1. Modernisation and upgrade of capacities of the basic components of the CESNET e-infrastructure by acquisition of equipment necessary for coverage of user needs in the upcoming period.
  2. Own research leading to improvement in quality of the CESNET e-infrastructure, notably in the area of security and provision of new services in data transmission and processing.

Primary benefits

The upgrade of the CESNET e-infrastructure will have a fundamental positive impact on the target group, improved quality of research by domestic entities and deepening of their collaboration with partners abroad.

  • The communication infrastructure will be boosted by completion of the optical layer and support to higher bitrates for connection of participants in selected network nodes (installation of 100GE interfaces), which will open up the opportunity to provide a higher rate of dedicated transmission channels and E2E services (e.g. for remote access to unique equipment and experiments). The upgraded nodes will increase the network throughput, thus the offer of advanced communications services.
  • The computing capacity of the CESNET e-infrastructure will be innovated with three new clusters, which will contribute to faster and more efficient processing of computing tasks.
  • The data storage infrastructure will be innovated by acquisition of three new data repositories, which will secure increased storage capacity for the future. Efficient linking of the data storage infrastructure to the network infrastructure will make it easier to store massive amounts of data, share it and manage it in the long term.
  • The consolidation of the remote collaboration infrastructure will improve the efficiency and quality of mutual communication among scientific teams in various locations.

As part of support to own research, we will accelerate research in strategic areas for improving the quality of the CESNET e-infrastructure and its services, which will ultimately lead to:

  • deployment of new progressive transmission technologies and innovative network services or applications, notably those requiring specific communication parameters,
  • development of tools for effective administration of individual components of the CESNET e-infrastructure,
  • improved security, user privacy protection and protection of user data in cyberspace.

Last change: 11.5.2020