Distance collaboration in education in performing arts with modern telecommunication technologies

Acronym: ETA Vzdělávání

Poskytovatel: TA ČR
Program: TL - Program na podporu aplikovaného společenskovědního a humanitního výzkumu, experimentálního vývoje a inovací ÉTA (2018 - 2023)
Identification number: TL01000106

Implementation period: 4/2018–3/2021

Coordinatior: CESNET
Number of partners: 2
Role of CESNET: koordinátor
Manager for CESNET:
Dr. Ing. Sven Ubik

We will create a model workplace for distance learning and collaboration in performing arts. We will develop a prototype of a low-latency audio and video transmission device for such collaboration. We will propose a methodology for distance learning and collaboration in performing arts.

The developed technology and methodology will be deployed in practice and their impact and benefits will be evaluated by qualitative research in cooperation with national and foreign partners. The results will increase the opportunities for teaching and exchange of experience, the quality of admission tests and the evaluation of competitions.

The created workplace will set an example for other institutions. We aim at introducing modern communication technologies in performing arts. The timeframe is 3 years.

Last change: 7.4.2020