Detection of Security Threats for Infrastructures (DOBI)

Acronym: DOBI

Poskytovatel: MV ČR
Program: VI - Bezpečnostní výzkum České republiky 2015-2022 (2015 - 2022)
Identification number: VI20152020045

Implementation period: 9/2015–8/2020

Coordinatior: VUT v Brně
Number of partners: 2
Role of CESNET: partner
Manager for CESNET:
Ing. Josef Vojtěch, Ph.D.

Fiber infrastructure is absolutely essential for most transfers of information over long distances. There are drawbacks to using fiber though, such as its susceptibility to damage during construction work and theft. The fibers themselves may be used as a distributed sensor or, when configured properly, they can still serve their primary purpose of data transmission. With the proper configuration, it is not necessary to reserve special fibers for sensing anomalies.

The project aims to develop and evaluate methods for preventive protection of fibre infrastructure threatened by construction work and theft. The developed methods should detect in advance any construction works or movements in the neighbourhood of fiber paths while retaining the main functionality of wires—transmission of data.

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Last change: 26.3.2020