Completed national projects

CESNET in the past solved or participated in following national projects:

Distributed system for complex monitoring of high-speed networks (DMON100)
Period: 2013–2015

Programme: TACR ALFA

The project developed a distributed system for monitoring of 40/100 Gbps Ethernet encompassing measurement probes with hardware accelerated functions, software collecting data from probes and centralised storage, visualisation and evaluation of collected data.

Hardware-accelerated collecting of data was implemented by an inhouse-designed FPGA-based card allowing to use a firmware containing specialised monitoring functions. Design and implementation of these functions ensuring throughput of 100 Gbps was a non-trivial research task. Collected data was transmitted over the IPFIX protocol to a central collector. In comparison to contemporary Netflow protocol, IPFIX allows to export more detailed records (i.e. HTTP or DNS information). This capability can be used to enhance the monitoring quality.

Central collector will store the data from all measurement points. Expected data volumes require to invent a novel method of high-speed storing. We developed a user-friendly interface to present the collected data. Fast data access for further processing is also available. The whole system is configured by the means of modern NETCONF protocol.

We solve this project in collaboration with INVEA-TECH company.

Multi-channel high-resolution video transmissions over an optical network (POVROS)
Period: 2011–2013The projects aimed at further development of our MVTP device for high-resolution low-latency video transmissions. The final goal was to bring the device to the market.

We collaborated with commertial partners—KIT Digital Czech and ACE companies.

Period: 2010–2012EF-TRANS (Efficient transfer of knowledge and research findings to the practice and their usage) project focused on the creation and evaluation of methods for research findings to the practice.
Real-time signal processing by means of parametric effects in fibres with high non-linear refractive index
Period: 2010–2012The project created an experimental workplace (FOPA) and developed a simulation program for the numeric signal analysis. The project was led by Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the AS CR, CESNET was the sole participating organisation.
Issues of cybernetic threats from the point of view of security priorities of the Czech |Republic
Period: 2007–2010Cybernetic threats project funded by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic was solved by a consortium following partners:

CESNET’s task was the Design and implementation of distributed hierarchy for systematic solving of security issues in computer networks in the Czech Republic by means of CERT teams. Result of this task was creation of CSIRT.CZ model workspace which was accredited by the Ministry of Interior to be the national CSIRT of the Czech Republic. After the project conclusion, operation of CSIRT.CZ was committed to CZ.NIC.

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