Adaptive Management of Data Collection and Analysis in High-Speed Networks (FOKUS)

Acronym: FOKUS

Poskytovatel: MV ČR
Program: VI – Bezpečnostní výzkum České republiky 2015-2022 (2015 – 2022)
Identification number: VI20172020064

Implementation period: 1/2017–12/2020

Coordinatior: CESNET
Number of partners: 3
Role of CESNET: koordinátor
Manager for CESNET:
Ing. Lukáš Kekely, Ph.D

The objective is to create a system that will enable a higher degree of
threat detection and better quality of data collection in computer networks. It
will be achieved by implementing a feedback from detection systems to
network probes.

Based on analysis of measured data, detection systems will ask probes for
more detailed analysis of selected parts of traffic. Based on requirements,
probes will do additional processing, e.g., analysis of application protocols
or interception of entire packets. The project will involve development of a
probe for processing the 400 Gbps Ethernet protocol.

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Last change: 7.4.2020