Very important component of CESNET Association activities is a research in the areas of advanced network technologies and applications that are used by these technologies. Results of own research activities are used mainly for the development of national infrastructure for science, research, innovations, and education. Some of our results have been exploited also on the market as license-manufactured equipment.

Large national projects

The large national projects we are involved in are crucial for out research activities. Currently, there is a pair of the following projects:

The target of these two mutually complementing projects is to develop an excellent-quality service-rich e-infrastructure for the science, research, innovations and education. Their predecessors were several large nationsl research projects:

Complete overview of our activities within these projects and achieved results is presented in our annual reports. Concrete results can be found in the technical reports.

International projects

CESNET has an extensive experience in participation in international projects. It was involved in the first project already in the year of Association establishment. The total number of international projects CESNET has been involved since then reaches several tens. Currently, we are involved in 8 projects. Details can be found in the separate overview.

National projects

Alongside large strategic projects mentioned above we are also involved in smaller national projects.


Last change: 17.8.2017