Working groups

As a part of it community role, CESNET supports professional working groups. CESNET provides working groups from various scientific branches the environment supporting their activities. Besides the basic services of the CESNET e-infrastructure, the following services can be provided:

  • Website hosting;
  • Wiki page hosting;
  • E-mail conference hosting;
  • User management;
  • Meeting background, etc.

Examples of supported working groups:

  • Union of administrators of virtualisation platforms;
  • Union of directors of computing centres;
  • CESNET CSIRT Working group;
  • Working group for IPv6;
  • Conference of administrators of the eduroam infrastructure

Key benefits

  • High national and international reputation of CESNET;
  • Independence on technology, support of open-source technologies;
  • High expertise of CESNET staff members, research and development background;
  • National and international cooperation (research projects);
  • Cooperation with the academic environment (universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences).

Target audience

The service is available to any entity, not only to those connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.


Fee is determined individually and reflects the scope of the support provided. These tools can be provided free of charge as a part of the community support in accordance with the strategy of the CESNET association.


Based on individual agreement.

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Last change: 5.6.2017