Trainings and workshops

CESNET’s community role includes organising various professional workshops (CESNET Community Forum, CESNET Technology Forum, Grid Computing Workshop, University Identities, security workshops, etc.). We can also provide ad hoc professional trainings and workshops on information technologies.


At the workshops, we aim at providing professional community with up-to-date information about the given topic and share the results achieved by CESNET. Professional workshops are held by CESNET or in cooperation with other national and international entities.


The service is provided to interested entities based on individual agreement (tailor-made trainings). The lecturers are staff members of the CESNET association. Workshops can be held in the premises of a third party, or in CESNET premises, or in the premises of CESNET members.

Workshop topics: network administration, network services, security, sophisticated computations, data storage and backup, multimedia, identity management, monitoring, measurements, etc.

Key benefits

  • High national and international reputation of CESNET;
  • High expertise of CESNET staff members;
  • Workshops tailored to individual entity’s needs;
  • Practical experience with IT service operation in the “state-of-the-art” infrastructure;
  • National and international cooperation (research projects);
  • Cooperation with the academic environment (universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences).

Target audience

The service is available to any entity, not only to those connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.


Most workshops organised by CESNET are free of charge, subject to participant advance registration.

Fee for tailored workshops is determined individually reflecting their scope and focus.


Based on individual agreement.

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Last change: 25.5.2017