Services for our members

General assembly decided on 30 June 2016 to differentiate services provided to association members as follows:

Standard services

These services of CESNET e-infrastructure are covered by the membership fee:

  1. Networking
  2. Computing and development environment
  3. Data storage
  4. Collaboration and multimedia
  5. Infrastructural services
  6. Security
  7. Identity management
  8. Monitoring and measurement
  9. Consultations and education
    • CESNET Day
    • Consultations
    • Training and other education activities

Extraordinary services

Extraordinary services fulfill individual needs of specific user groups –resources of these services are used just by certain association members or are restricted by its nature which requires to deploy auto regulation to enable all member to use them equally. Provision of extraordinary services requires a separate agreement with the association member. Some contribution will be demanded (e.g. on pay-per-use, pay-per-sla, pay-per-case principle).

Following services are considered extraordinary:

  • Establishing of new connection for another workplace of a member – participation is 50% of expenses (establishing and operation) of connection to the closest CESNET point of presence,
  • National and international dedicated E2E services (lambda and photonic services)
  • Guaranteed data back-up and archiving (SLA)
  • Virtualisation platform
  • Licences / software
  • Forensic laboratory (penetration and load tests)
  • Dedicated installations and management of Perun, FTAS, G3, Nagios/Icinga systems
  • Sponsoring LIR (reposting of expenses)
  • Outsourced supervisory centre
  • Support for events

Last change: 18.9.2018