Monitoring of network quality

The service provides information about the utilisation and state of the network (or other type of) infrastructure or its part in a short-term (hours, days), mid-term and long-term (years) perspective. To enable the users to monitor the level of resource utilisation, the availability of unused capacity, the development of fault or other characteristics and strategically plan further development. The outputs can be adjusted for the purpose of technical or managerial analysis.

Technically, the service is based on collation, processing and visualisation of data from the active infrastructure elements using the G3 system (developed by CESNET) and its enhancements. The data collated are pre-processed and saved in the storage facility in which they can be gradually aggregated. The visualisation allows for one-off outputs for ad-hoc requests and for automatically generated surveys.

Basic framework service options

  • Information about partial infrastructure within the CESNET e-infrastructure (basic service)
  • Information about the user infrastructure utilising the CESNET e-infrastructure’s tools (paid service)
  • Information about the user infrastructure utilising the user tools (paid service)

Key benefits

  • Enables the users to monitor current load, resource utilisation, availability, etc.;
  • Enables the users to efficiently mitigate the bottle necks;
  • Enables to optimise and strategically plan the development of own infrastructure based on fault and other characteristics;
  • The G3 system is equipped with a comprehensive range of devices for input processing, classification, filtration and saving of traffic logs and their subsequent statistical processing.

Target audience

This service is available in particular to administrators, or managers of partial infrastructures connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure (e.g. dedicated networks, virtual networks, computation infrastructure, etc.). Other potential user group includes the users of these infrastructures – individual teams, virtual organisations, etc. The service may also be provided to external entities.


The basic access to data about partial infrastructure in the CESNET e-infrastructure (G3 web interface) is free of any additional charge for the participants. The fee for individual implementation of the service into entity’s environment and for external entities is determined individually.


The interested entity orders the service through the User care department. Subsequently, the details of the requested solution are agreed upon. The implementation period differs according to individual requirements.

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Last change: 24.5.2017