Expert services; laboratories; technology transfer

The CESNET Association provides further expert services drawing on staff member professional experience and knowledge. The services provided can be subdivided as follows:

Expert services

  • Analysis of optical fibre availability (free of charge for participants or participants-to-be of the CESNET e-infrastructure);
  • Photonic system and network design – tailor made design of optical networks and systems;
  • The design of optical route’s lightning;
  • Assisted revival of the optical route;
  • Event installation and production.


  • Optical laboratory (FEL CTU)
  • Sitola– laboratory of advance network technologies (FI MU)
  • SAGElab– network visualisation laboratory (FIT CTU)
  • Network and HW laboratories (FEL CTU, FIT CTU, FIT VUT, CESNET)

Technology transfer

  • Contractual research;
  • Provision of licences – for instance the optical elements of the Czech Light line, equipment for network monitoring or real time multimedia transfers.

Key benefits

  • Independence on technology, support of open-source technologies;
  • Practical experience with IT service operation in the “state-of-the-art” infrastructure;
  • High expertise of CESNET staff members, research and development background;
  • National and international cooperation (research projects);
  • Cooperation with the academic environment (universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences).

Target audience

The service is available to any entity, not only to those connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.


Fee is determined individually and reflects the scope of the expert services provided.

The analysis of optical fibre availability is performed free of charge for the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.


Based on individual agreement.

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