Development and test environment (PlanetLab)

CESNET offers users an access to PlanetLab network resources and other experimental environments. and are important networks participating in worldwide activities in the areas of Next Generation Internet and play important roles in EU projects. The networks are useful for testing new network applications, protocols, simulations etc. The networks are also deployed in Master education at computer science and information technology departments. They represent an ideal environment for research projects as well as work on theses or dissertations in the telecommunication field.

Key benefits

  • Possibility to test new network applications, protocols, simulation processes, etc.

Target audience

This service is available to entities within the CESNET’s e-infrastructure. The PlanetLab network is primarily aimed at universities and institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences which focus on research and design of network application, design and implementation of new communication protocols, methods of distributed data processing and storage and their testing.


The service is available free of any additional charge to the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.

Further information


Ing. Jiří Navrátil, CSc.,

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Last change: 22.5.2017