Dedicated installations and system administration

As a part of the development and operation of the national e-infrastructure, CESNET develops a number of tools and systems. These systems constitute the core of various services which may be applied in the environment of other entities:

  • RADIO – Czech Radio’s Internet broadcasting;
  • FTAS – IP flow monitoring;
  • G3 – network infrastructure monitoring;
  • SHONGO – multimedia resource booking system (;
  • PERUN – Identity Management System (;
  • ULTRAGRID – LD video transmission with low latency (;
  • Audit System – automated network service scanning (Nessus, OpenVAS);
  • Request Tracker – system for request monitoring;
  • Hosted Radius server – system for connecting into;
  • Hosted Shibboleth server – system for connecting into;
  • Nagios/Icinga – infrastructure monitoring systems;
  • Honeypots, IDS/IPS and other security tools.

The systems may either be installed in the entity’s environment, or hosted on the CESNET’s virtual servers. In the framework of research cooperation and based on individual agreement, CESNET can ensure the hosting of the applications by scientific and research community. In addition, CESNET allows for placing mirror servers interesting for the community or connection to the SDN/Cache servers (Google cache, Akamai etc.).

Key benefits

  • Independence on technology, support of open-source technologies;
  • High national and international reputation of CESNET;
  • High expertise of CESNET staff members;
  • Tools used in the real operation of the CESNET e-infrastructure;
  • Practical experience with IT service operation in the “state-of-the-art” infrastructure;
  • National and international cooperation (research projects).

Target audience

The service is available to any entity, not only to those connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.


Fee is determined individually and reflects the scope of the installation and system maintenance.


Based on individual agreement.

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Last change: 7.6.2017