Services during a COVID-19 pandemic

Teleworking and distance learning

We have extended ZOOM licenses for remote work and distance learning.

The basic account allows you to meet online for 40 minutes. For longer meetings (lessons) you can apply for a license.

Data storage and sharing

Filesender – Fast sharing and short term data storage (up to 500 GB).
ownCloud – Secure storage, sharing and synchronize up to 100 GB of data.
Storage – 2 TB for personal backups.

Clouds, Massive computing and Virtualization

Metacentrum – Massive computing (grids, clouds, platforms) for a research of not only COVID-19 disease.
If necessary, we are able to provide higher prioritization, licenses or dedicated resources.
Virtual servers – During the pandemic we can provide free of charge some amount of resources of our virtualization platform.

Security recommendations

The current situation is being used by criminal groups to conduct cyber attacks. As a result, we’ve increased monitoring, where we may apply blocking of suspicious traffic. Do not forget basic cybersecurity recommendations.

User support and consultations

For technical support, specific requests you can contact us at

Last change: 2.4.2020