Application licences

The service provides of a wide range of application SW from many scientific fields – coordination of the acquisition and administration of software and application equipment. 

  • Mathematic and statistical software modelling – Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, grid-Mathematica, R, Octave;
  • Computational chemistry and molecular modelling – Amber, Gaussian/GaussView, Gromacs, MolPro, Turbomole;
  • Structural biology and bioinformatics – Galaxy_application, Chipster_application, MrBayes, PhyML, CS-Rosetta, PhyloBayes;
  • DNA sequencing and analysis – CLCbioGenomicsWorkbench, Geneious, SOAPdenovo, Velvet, RepeatExplorer, RepeatMasker, Blast, Bowtie, BWA, SAMtools, Trinity, TopHat, Cufflinks, Stacks;
  • Technical and material simulations – Ansys (Fluent + CFX + Mechanical + HPC), OpenFOAM;
  • Development tools and environment – Intel CDK, PGI CDK, TotalView, Allinea DDT, Numpy, Scipy

Key benefits

  • Application licence aggregation;
  • Possibility to incorporate own licences into the MetaCentre’s tools.

Target audience

The service is provided to entities within the CESNET e-infrastructure using the MetaCentre’s resources.


The service is available free of any additional charge to the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure. The use of certain products subject to licence agreements requires the payment of licence fees.


Access based on the registration into MetaVO upon the authentication in the federation of entities. To assign rights to certain licences, Metacentre’s helpdesk should be contacted.

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Last change: 7.6.2017