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Our e-infrastructure provides a wide range of connectivity, data processing and storage services, collaboration between users and teams. We try to provide users with everything they need for their research .

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As part of the monthly fee, the organization gains access to the entire unique set of services in the field of information and communication technologies.

Access policy

CESNET e-infrastructure services are primarily intended for organizations dealing with science, research, development, education and culture.

Terms and conditions for the access to the CESNET e-infrastructure

Connection to the national network for research and education

Complete optical solution of the backbone network enables data transmissions with minimal delay and low jitter. High reliability is guaranteed by a combination of backbone infrastructure redundancy and nonstop network monitoring.

Key features
symmetrical connection without aggregation | transmission speed n x 100 Gb / s | connection to pan-European network GÉANT | assignment of IP addresses

Data storage

Data Storage Department ensures the operation and development of the national data storage infrastructure for science and research. The total gross storage capacity exceeds 68 PB .

Key features
2 TB / organization, more by agreement | CZ storage locations (Plzen, Jihlava, Brno)


Key features

  • Repositories are built in high redundancy and with data security in mind .
  • Security increase by placing additional backups outside organization.

Data storage offering

  • access to data via file protocols (eg NFSv4, FTP, rsync, SCP, …),
  • grid storage element (dCache).
  • backup environment - for users who want to secure data in case own storage crash,
  • archiving environment - for storing valuable large data, which are rarely used,
  • data sharing environment - for sharing data between distributed groups of users ,
  • data storage for special applications ,

Storage properties

  • They are fully integrated into system of user accounts in e-infrastructure - user accounts are managed together with MetaCentrum and the environment for cooperation .
  • They are enable backup in geographically different locations, but always in the Czech Republic .
  • They are hierarchical - they contain disk arrays of different speeds and capacities, MAID (switchable disks) and tape libraries. Software moves unused data to a layer with cheaper traffic .
  • They are built with high redundancy and data security in mind .
  • They are available from anywhere on the network.

Help: service desk
Terms of Service: Data Storage CESNET - Terms of Service


Automatic data synchronization between different computers and mobile user devices. Data are also accessible via web interface and can be easily shared with colleagues.

Key features:
cloud storage 100 GB/user | devices data synchronization


Key features

  • Cloud storage with space of 100 GB per user (possible to increase)
  • User clients for Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android operating systems
  • Automatic data synchronization between several devices (on mobile devices if needed)
  • Access via web interface
  • Configurable sharing with group of people or based on URL
  • Documents versioning within one account
  • Platform for sharing contacts and calendars
  • Data storage within the CESNET e-infrastructure in Czech Republic
  • Easy file synchronization between different devices (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Easy data share (user groups or links with password option)

Help: service desk
Terms of Service: Data Storage CESNET - Terms of Service


Web service for sending (and temporarily storing) files. Download link is sent to the other side. File is stored for maximum of one month, then is automatically deleted .

Key features
easy sending of large files | up to 1.9TB per file


Main advantages

  • Size of one file can be up to 500 GB .
  • Possibility to send an invitation to upload file.
  • Easy notification of recipients.
  • Option to set expiration of stored files .

Help: service desk
Terms of Service: Data Storage CESNET - Terms of Service

Massive computations (Metacentrum)

The MetaCentre is responsible for performing and coordinating large-scale distributed computing infrastructure titled the Czech National Grid Infrastructure (NGI) which is a national part of the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). The environment of the MetaCentre offers interconnected computing and data resources for performing very demanding computation tasks that exceed capacities of individual workplaces in the Czech Republic. The service is available to users without the need to invest own funds.

Key features
grid calculations | HPC clouds | platforms (e.g. Hadoop) | 38,000 computational cores | application license


Main advantages

  • Involvement of computing and data sources for solving very extensive computing tasks.
  • Trusted management of embedded computing resources, integration into data repositories.
  • Wide range of application software.
  • Integration into International Research Area (ERA) and International grid infrastructure (EGI).
  • MetaCentrum provides and coordinates the operation of distributed computing infrastructure (National Grid Infrastructure - NGI, which is part of the European Grid Infrastructure - EGI).

Computing and data services

  • grid calculations,
  • HPC clouds,
  • platforms (e.g. Hadoop).

Resource owners can request user support to join the MetaCentrum.

Help: MetaCentrum support (CZ)
Rules of Use: NGI MetaCentrum - Rules of Use


Videoconferencing enables holding meetings (appointments, consultations, workshops) with remote parties by means of special HW and SW units, or telephones.

Key features
license as need | virtual rooms | high quality image transmission


Main advantages

  • Realising of multipoint audio and video conferencing over IP network in high quality (HD) and use of virtual meeting rooms on main elements allows sharing of documents, meeting recording and broadcasting content (streaming).
  • Registration of user's videoconferencing units in infrastructure (number assignment), or connection with user's infrastructure.
  • Interconnection with institutions abroad and availability of videoconferencing systems from the IP telephone network within CESNET e-infrastructure.
  • Availability of video conferencing systems from the public telephone network (voice only). The connection is charged by caller's operator.

Basic features

  • SIP and H.323 communication protocols, multi-way audio and video transmission for the participants and one-way video stream for the presentations.
  • Special HW units or SW can be used as communication devices, complemented by relevant equipment (such as web camera, headphones with microphone).
  • Sufficient network connectivity (low latency and jitter, minimal loss) and symmetrical capacity of 0.5–4 Mb/s is a prerequisite).
  • We recommend plugging in videoconferencing units which means availability on the basis of fixed identification – a telephone number/URI. It is also possible to the entire interconnect compatible user (group, project, entity) infrastructure with own conference administration features.
  • Virtual meeting rooms for multi-point connections are also available (MCU).
  • The service is provided in the best-effort policy.

Help: service desk


Webconferencing enables holding meetings (appointments, consultations, workshops) in web browser. Service is provided using Adobe Connect technology.

Key features
license if required | virtual rooms | webinars


Main advantages

  • Rooms for one-time or repeating meetings.
  • Webinars room for multiple participants by individual agreement.
  • Basic quality voice and video transmission (SD).
  • Text discussion - short text messages for everyone or just the recipient.
  • Conference administration – authentication for audio and video transmission, switching of microphones, debate moderation, meeting recordings.
  • Sharing pictures, PDF, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Shared blackboard – participants may (all at the same time) draw on a common blackboard.
  • Sharing computer desktop – the participants with MS-Windows system may share a particular programme’s window or the entire desktop with other participants.
  • Simple communication environment for groups in web browser (Adobe Flash plug-in is necessary, separate application exists for mobile platforms).
  • Connection to the federated authentication(eduID.cz).
  • Access to the virtual meeting rooms can also be granted using guest access, or with the authorisation granted by meeting room’s administrator.

Help: service desk

Identity management

Own systems for user authentication, verification and access management.

Key features
Czech Academic Federation eduID.cz | Perun – Identity and Access Management System


Main advantages

  • Easy access to several applications and services of partner entities, the user is only required to sign in once.
  • User always authenticates to his home organization, after verification he obtains authorization of service provider.
  • Application administrators dont maintain user authentication data or perform authentication.
  • Czech academic identity federation eduID.cz brings together members who exploit information about identity of their users while facilitating their access to various network services.

Each member of federation can act in one or both of the following roles :

  • Identity provider manages usernames, passwords and other user data and makes selected information available to service providers .
  • Service provider provides web application or network service and uses information about identity and possibly other properties of users to control access.


Main advantages

  • Single sign-in access to services through a single user account.
  • Enables managing own users independently without having to contact the administrator of the e-infrastructure.
  • user management by means of virtual organisation management,
  • access control management in respect of e-infrastructure services and own services,
  • user, group and service management,
  • user registration management,
  • user publication acknowledgement management,
  • data provided through LDAP, SAML2 attribute authority, VOOT, SCIM interfaces and push mechanism,
  • synchronisation with external IdM systems.


The service provides basis for trustworthy distribution of keys necessary for secured communication between servers and individuals.

Key features
public key infrastructure (PKI) | Certification authority (CESNET CA) | CESNET CA is accredited by EuGridPMA – member of IGTF


Service is provided through own certification authority – CESNET CA, or through Trusted Certificate Service (TCS) international project.

More about CESNET CA


The CESNET-CERTS team solves and coordinates the solving of security incidents within the CESNET2 network. CSIRT ensures methodological support in handling security incidents and addressing emergencies to security staff of the connected members’ networks; administers and provides a number of security services; and organises awareness-raising events.

Key features
CESNET-CERTS is the first CSIRT in the CZ | RTBH filtering | Warden system | SIEM Mentat

CESNET-CERTS team solves and coordinates the solving of security incidents within the CESNET2.
More about CESNET-CERTS team

RTBH service Remotely Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) filter enables the connected entities to administrate the operation of their end network in case an abnormal traffic occurs, for instance when (D)DoS flood attacks occur.
More about RTBH service

Warden system system for efficient sharing of information about security events and security incidents. The WARDEN system complements the Mentat system.
More about Warden

Mentat system Mentat system is a tool for unified processing of security information obtained from security tools within the CESNET e-infrastructure. The Mentat system complements the Warden system.
More about Mentat

Antispam gateway

The service ensures antispam and antivirus protection of end mail servers (domains). The entities need not deal with demanding administration and develop their own protection for the end mail servers, the burden on the end mail servers is reduced and the unsolicited mail and spams are not delivered to the users.

Key features
backup mail server | sophisticated incoming email antispam | DDoS protection

Antispam filters run on powerful servers that can protect domains with large traffic even at high peaks .
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User roaming and access to the Internet for the partners participating in the eduroam project in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Key features
shared WiFi in CZ and abroad | over 15,000 organizations in Europe | community private network

To connect to eduroam, the entity needs to have WiFi infrastructure supporting 802.1x, centralised identity administration and an implemented interconnection by means of RADIUS protocol.
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As part of our expertise, we are able to provide technical consultations in the field of information technology. These are mainly networks and their security, multimedia, data storage, or IPv6 .

Price is set individually according to the scope of consultations.

Basic consultations related to the operation of the services of CESNET e-infrastructure are provided to the connected entities are provided free of charge.

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Other services

Other services can be used as part of the connection to the CESNET e-infrastructure.

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Information about e-Infrastructure services, contracts and implementation.

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Services extension

Services provided except participation fee.

Forensic laboratory

Prevention, IT security testing and forensic analysis.

Important part of association's activities is research and development in relevant areas, results we apply in the development of e-infrastructure. These activities take place mainly in form of projects.

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Trainings and workshops

Realisation of professional trainings and workshops in the field of information technology.

Training can be realised in place of applicant or in place of CESNET, the possibility is also in place of CESNET member organizations.

Workshop topics: network administration, network services, security, sophisticated computations, data storage and backup, multimedia, identity management, monitoring, measurements, etc.

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Dedicated installations and system administration

Dedicated custom installations directly for each organization.

The systems may either be installed in the entity’s environment, or hosted on the CESNET’s virtual servers, management of software tools by our specialists. eg FTAS, G3, Perun, ULTRAGRID.

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Virtual servers

Reliable VMware virtualization infrastructure operated in two data centers (Prague and Brno).

We offer the virtual servers with the following default setup:

  • VM-A: 1x 2GB 15GB Linux/Windows/own,
  • VM-B: 2x 4GB 30GB Linux/Windows/own,
  • VM-C: 2x 8GB 60GB Linux/Windows/own,
  • VM-D: 4x 16GB 120GB Linux/Windows/own,
  • or by request.

Service request (CZ)

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OCRE - Open Clouds for Research Environments - Cloud services of commercial providers.

Easy acquisition of services, discounts, time and money savings, technical integration.

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Management and creation of qualified certificates, qualified digital signatures and seals according to Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

eIDAS is set of tools for managing personal qualified certificates and qualified certificates for electronic seals in central repository, remote electronic signing of documents and data, verification of the validity of signatures in electronically signed documents.

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