Grid infrastructure

Processing mass volume of experimental results, simulations or modeling of complex systems and other typical tasks of modern research share the same characteristics – they require high computing performance. It can be provided by clusters and grids – systems of interconnected collaborating computers among which the particular task is distributed. Grid infrastructure is therefore one of the core components of CESNET e-infrastructure.


Our grid infrastructure is called MetaCentrum and its inception dates back to 1996 when the whole CESNET Association was founded. It comprises numerous computing clusters located at several sites and belonging to different subjects (CESNET owns about half of MetaCentrum machines). All are integrated into a unified environment with a common management of users and tasks.

We develop both the MetaCentrum computing capacities and software. We offer our users own developed programmes and tools for development as well as a wide range of commercial programmes from different scientific fields (e.g. chemistry, biology, mathematics, technology).

MetaCentrum represents the national grid infrastructure (NGI) of the Czech Republic within the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) project.

Collaborating infrastructures

We are not a single organization that offers high performance computing capacities. We collaborate with other two computing-oriented large infrastructures for research, development, and innovations supported by the Czech Ministry of Education: CERIT-SC and IT4Innovations.

CESNET e-infrastructure offers an access to both partner computing infrastructures.


Details on user benefits of grid infrastructure are available in MetaCentrum services.

Last change: 29.5.2013