Warden is a system for efficient sharing of information about security events and security incidents. The WARDEN system complements the Mentat system. Both systems have been developed, tested and operated in particular for the application within the CESNET association, for its members and participants. Nevertheless, a part of its basic functions is open to other entities too.

  • The Warden system enables the CERTS/CSIRT teams (and security teams in general) to share and exploit information about detected anomalies in network and service operation efficiently.
  • Simple yet robust and secure system for sharing information;
  • Support for the incident handling and incident response processes of the security teams within the networks connected to CESNET2 and the CESNET-CERTS team;
  • Possibility to analyse data, verify their reliability and usefulness in terms of active network and service protection;
  • Link to similar system for information sharing currently being developed around the world.

Key benefits

  • The Warden enables efficient sharing of detected anomalies within monitored networks.

Target audience

The service is available to association members, connected entities or parts thereof. The service is built on community basis, i.e. voluntary upload, sharing and drawing of information.


The service is available free of any additional charge to the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.


The interested entity should send a request to the User care department.

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Last change: 24.5.2017