Virtual servers (Virtual)

CESNET’s Virtual ensures the operation of the virtual services on a reliable virtualisation infrastructure VMware operated in two data centres (Prague and Brno).

We offer the virtual servers with the following default setup:

  • VM-A 1x 2GB 15GB Linux/Windows/own;
  • VM-B 2x 4GB 30GB Linux/Windows/own;
  • VM-C 2x 8GB 60GB Linux/Windows/own;
  • VM-D 4x 16GB 120GB Linux/Windows/own;
  • Or tailored as required.

Key benefits

  • No need to purchase, operate and maintain own HW;
  • Configuration tailored to the requirements;
  • Specific tailored solution – including network infrastructure and backup using CESNET’s Data storage.

Target audience

The Virtual services are available to entities which comply with the Terms and conditions for the access to the CESNET e-infrastructure. The entities need not be connected to the CESNET’s e-infrastructure. A separate agreement for the provision of the services of CESNET’s Virtual servers shall be concluded.


The fee for the service is charged according to the pricelist.


The services can be applied for by means of an on-line request.

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Last change: 5.6.2017