Streaming – public event broadcast

The service consists in the provision of the distribution platform for conference broadcast over the Internet. The service only covers the broadcasting itself. Recording, video editing and coding is the responsibility of the user. The service does not include the Internet connection (e.g. at the source location).

Basic features:

  • The supported formats include MPEG-4 (H.264/AVC), Windows Media, Flash Video.
  • The recommended data stream ranges between 0.5–6 Mb/s – on the resolution and codec used (broadcasting can be performed in various streams and formats).
  • The service requires a network connection with sufficient capacity (depending on technology, video resolution and required quality) at the source location.
  • The users ensure video and audio recording, its coding and sufficient transmission capacity to streaming servers themselves.
  • The service is provided in a best-effort mode.

The service could also include support during the event (production and direction, subject to fee charges).

Key benefits

  • Saves line saturation from the source location, the stream is processed in bulk by the robust infrastructure connected to the CESNET’s backbone network.
  • Data stream from the source is directed solely to the stream server;
  • The offered output capacity can serve thousands of connected users at the same time.

Target audience

The service is available to individuals/teams from the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.


The service is available free of any additional charge to the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.

The fee for the support (or production) during the event is determined individually based on the scope of work performed.


The interested entity sends the request to the User care department. Subsequently, the service is installed in cooperation with a CESNET staff member. It is recommended to test the service no later than one working day before the event to enable possible reconfiguration in case issues arise.

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Last change: 22.5.2017