Special video transmissions

The service enables transmission of one or more HD video signals between two or more end points with high quality and low latency.

The service is suitable for instance for transmissions from surgery operations to lecture rooms, of scientific visualizations, art production broadcasting (dance, music), or remote collaboration on the processing of video data with high resolution (2K, 4K, 8K).

The service can also be provided in other locations (e.g. congress halls) not connected to the CESNET’s e-infrastructure, provided sufficient network capacity to the location is available. In collaboration with foreign partners the other party of a transmission (or more parties) can be located abroad.

The service is ensured by means of appropriate technology implementing in-house developed hardware and software (MVTP, UltraGrid) reflecting the requirements of the particular transmission. Multipoint transmission of up to 8 video channels with up to 2K resolution (2048×1080) is available immediately. These channels can be used independently for different video signals or together for video signals of higher resolution (e.g. 4K – 4096×2160, 8K – 8192×4096) or for stereoscopic transmissions (3D)

The equipment transmits a signal between two end points one-way or two-way simultaneously. In addition, optical multicast or reflectors enable a transmission to more recipient end points.

Video signal can be supported by a multi-channel audio. The signal could either be transmitted without compression and encryption, or compressed, using for instance H.264, DXT1, DXT5, JPEG and JPEG2000 compression. The technology is easily portable and provided the needed network capacity and quality (throughput and low jitter) is available, it can be quickly deployed with minimal user interaction.

We can also fulfil other user requirements. The speed of the implementation reflects the complexity, need for technology modifications, and capacities of the development team.

 Key benefits

  • Two-way transmission of multi-channel video in HD, 2K, 4K, 8K and multi-channel audio transmission with low latency;
  • Possibility to transmit without compression, or using the compression of video cards;
  • Possibility to interconnect several end points;
  • Other adjustments as required by the users.

Target audience

The service is available to any clients, not only to entities connected to the CESNET’s e-infrastructure. The service is an ad-hoc support to major events or experiments.


Fee is determined individually.


The interested entity sends the request to the User care department. Subsequently, CESNET staff member contacts the interested entity to analyse the required solution. Interconnecting video signal sources and monitors/displays (servers, projectors etc.) on user side needs to be solved individually. If at the end point there is no connection to CESNET network with needed quality and capacity (throughput and low jitter) it is necessary to solve the connection in collaboration with the user, including the dedicated interconnection (the last mile). Establishing the transmission line may take up between several days in case of simple transmissions up to several weeks in case of complex international events.

Solution based on Ultragrid software – ultragrid.sitola.cz.

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Last change: 22.5.2017