ServiceDesk is a non-stop operating facility (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) responsible for the following tasks:

Monitoring centre

  • Non-stop monitoring of network (optical route, nods, DWDM channels), services and servers


  • Communication with the users and assistance in case of network or infrastructure service failures

Service options:

  • Basic:the e-infrastructure is monitored and supervised continuously. Any deviation from the standard behaviour are logged and subsequently analysed by CESNET NOC.
  • External monitoring:Users may request the configuration of external monitoring. In case of failure, users are notified by e-mail or SMS.
  • Proactive:External monitoring complemented with agreed escalation procedures. In case of failure, the ServiceDesk operated performs activities in line with pre-defined sequence of procedures. Subsequently, the post-mortem analysis is performed and processes are adjusted in cooperation with the user.

Key benefits

  • Non-stop network and infrastructure monitoring;
  • Possibility to monitor selected key parameters;
  • Helpdesk 7×24

Target audience

Basic monitoring is provided to all entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.

External and proactive monitoring can be provided to any entity.


Basic and external monitoring is provided to all connected participants fee of any additional charge.

Proactive monitoring is charged according to the amount of activities provided.


The service is available to the participants once they have been connected to the CESNET e-Infrastructure. In case of monitoring of selected key parameters, the user sends a request to the User care department. Subsequently, the service configuration and escalation processes are agreed upon.

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Last change: 25.5.2017