Massive computations (MetaCentrum)

The MetaCentre is responsible for performing and coordinating large-scale distributed computing infrastructure titled the Czech National Grid Infrastructure (NGI) which is a national part of the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). The environment of the MetaCentre offers interconnected computing and data resources for performing very demanding computation tasks that exceed capacities of individual workplaces in the Czech Republic. The service is available to users without the need to invest own funds.

Computing and data services:

  • Grid calculations;
  • HPC clouds;
  • Platforms (e.g. Hadoop)

Key benefits

  • Incorporation of computing and data sources in solving highly sophisticated computing tasks;
  • Administration of incorporated computing tools, integration into CESNET’s Data storage;
  • Wide offer of application SW;
  • Integration into the international research area (ERA) and international grid infrastructure (EGI)

Target audience

The service is limited to the research purposes of academic staff and students of research institutions in the Czech Republic. The service is provided in a best-effort mode.


The service is available to organizations connected to CESNET e-Infrastructure without additional charges. Access to the service is favored by scientific achievements.


Access based on the registration into MetaVO after the authentication in the federation of entities.

Source owners may request user support in connecting to the Metacentre.

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Last change: 18.12.2017