CESNET2 network

Cornerstone of the whole e-infrastructure is the high-speed CESNET2 computer network with a backbone interconnecting by high-speed circuits main university cities of the Czech Republic and other sites. It offers to its users—besides the usual Internet connectivity and high throughput for scientific and research purposes—other advanced services and applications like videoconferencing, MetaCentrum high-performance computing grid, IP telephony, etc.

Key features:

  • Top parameters of the network infrastructure (high rate – typically 10 Gbps, high redundancy, interconnections at various layers). A complex optical solution of the backbone allows connected institutions use very demanding applications like high-quality multimedia transmissions, sharing of data resources, processing resources or experimental devices.
  • Specific on-demand interconnections of users (so called end-to-end services) interconnect a limited number of devices by a dedicated link. It allows transmit enormous data volumes, for example during a remote operation of unique instruments. Carried traffic is completely isolated from the rest of the network therefore it does not need to share available capacity with common traffic. This service is available also internationally.
  • Virtual private networks (VPN) offer a closed interconnection of defined localities. Their mutual communication is separated from the common network traffic. Unlike end-to-end services, communication channels for VPN are not dedicated—the bandwith is shared with other users. They are used mainly to protect sensitive data flows.
  • High reliabilityis ensured by a combination of redundant backbone infrastructure (every backbone node features at least two independent interconnections) and continuous monitoring of the network status. Capacities of backup links are comparable to main links which is not common in today networks. Users can fully rely on the availability of high-quality services.

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Last change: 23.1.2014