Data storage

The service involves operation and development of data storage national infrastructure for science and research. The infrastructure is under development, the total storage capacity by end-2013 will exceed 16 PB.

What we offer:

  • Environment for backup for users who want to secure their data in case of their own storage breakdown.
  • Environment for archiving for storing volumes of data that are not accessed very often.
  • Environment for data sharing – for sharing data among distributed user groups.
  • Data storage for special applications.
  • Data access using file protocols (e.g. NFSv4, FTP, rsync, SCP), grid storage element, and in special cases also block access.

Storage features:

  • The storage is fully integrated into user accounting system within the e-infrastructure – user accounts are managed together with MetaCentrum and collaboration environment.
  • The storage facilities are located in Pilsen, Jihlava (2013) and Brno (2013)
  • The storage is hierarchical – comprising disk arrays of various speed and capacity, MAID (switch able disks), and tape libraries, as well as necessary software for moving less used data to the tier with more economic operation.
  • The storage is constructed with regards to high data redundancy and security.
  • The storage is accessible from any place over the network as well as directly from MetaCentrum.

Key benefits

  • The storage is built with high redundancy and data security.
  • Enhance security by placing additional backups outside the organization.

Target audience

The storage service can be used for research purposes, mainly by academic staff and students of research institutions in the Czech Republic.  The service is provided in a best-effort mode. Users have to abide the conditions of service use.


The basic VO Storage service allows the authenticated users to store up to 2 TB of data/user. Once the user has filled the application, the service is available free of any additional charge to the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.

The fee (contribution) for a service-level agreement (SLA), geo-replication, or multiple-copy data storage is determined individually.


User support CESNET storage:

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