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https://eidas.cesnet.cz/ (eduID.cz login federation required)

Terms of use

Terms of use are set in a separate contract agreement.

CESNET eIDAS is set of tools for managing personal qualified certificates and qualified certificates for electronic seals in central repository, remote electronic signing of documents and data, verification of the validity of signatures in electronically signed documents.

Service functions:

  • Management of qualified personal certificates of employees in organization
  • Management of qualified certificates for electronic seals
  • Qualified digital signatures of documents and data
  • Qualified seals, and Time stamps of documents
  • Validation of recognized and qualified digital signature of documents
  • Certificate lifecycle management

Key benefits


The service is provided to organizations for digitalization requiring use of qualified trustservices (signing, sealing, stamping).
The provision of the service is realized by contract agreement.


Service is charged according to price list (add-on service – “dedicated installation and system management”).

Service provisioning

Based on an individual agreement. Services require user’s integration.

Last change: 31.5.2021