NGI Workshop

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Last autumn the Commission launched the ambitious and open Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative.

The Next Generation Internet, a key priority in H2020 ICT work programme 2018-2020 will ensure a more human-centric Internet supporting European values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness, transparency and protection of privacy.

The NGI initiative is a broad and long-term initiative, mostly focusing on new technology areas as for example a better protection for private data, new internet architectures, decentralized data systems and new discovery and identification tools.

Together with (young) researchers, start-ups, SMEs and social innovators the European Commission will push the development of these new internet technologies based on an agile and flexible programme approach to shape the Internet of the future.


October 11th, 2017

12:30 Welcome lunch
13:30 Setting the scene: The NGI Initiative, context, plans and actions of the European Commission
Nicole Muessigmann, EC
14:00 A start-up’s view on NGI: needs and expectations
Petr Springl, Flowmon Networks
14:15 The research perspective: Trends and topics that NGI should embrace
Ondrej Filip, CZ.NIC
14:30 Civil society needs and expectations: What does NGI do for the people
Petr Pavlinec, Vysocina Region
14:45 World Café (3 tables – start-up, research, civil society), one “host” to be appointed per questions
16:15 break
16:30 World Café summary: 3 hosts present results
17:00 Wrap-up and closure
17:15 End of meeting


  • What are the three main topics the NGI initiative needs to address?
  • What expectations do we have from the NGI initiative (as individuals but also as representatives of a certain sector)?
  • What are the most visionary and high potential solutions/trends envisaged, at technology and policy levels?
  • What (type of) actors will be key for the development of this vision?
  • What should be the role of the EU in this process?


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