IPv6 workshop

The Czech National Research and Education network operator, CESNET, conducts another yearly full day workshop on the topic of IPv6 protocol. The workshop is targeted to general public. There will be IPv6-only Wi-Fi network provided for the attendees.

When: Thursday 6th June 2019
Where: Auditorium 256, CTU FEE, Technická 2, Prague

Call for presentations

Deployed IPv6 in your network?

Deployed IPv6 on a service?

Did you solve an interesting issue with IPv6 or lack of IPv4 address?

We would be happy to hear that at the workshop. From the feedback of previous workshops, the majority of attendees have beginner or intermediate knowledge of IPv6 and repeatedly ask for topics involving:

  • how to start with IPv6 as an ISP (address registration, network planning, security),
  • deploying IPv6 in specific environments (eg. university, corporation, webhosting…),
  • IPv4 and IPv6 differences,
  • identification of IPv6 hosts in local networks (eg. for resolving security incidents),
  • hands-on demo of IPv6 on a platform of a specific vendor,
  • security considerations of IPv6.

Please submit a short abstract to seminar-ipv6@cesnet.cz deadline 5th May 2019.


Registration form for visitors will be open after publication of the schedule.

Past workshops

Only in the Czech language, sorry.

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