GN4 NA3 T2 Best Campus Practices Kickoff Meeting

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European project GN4 continues. It is the next phase of the GÉANT project, starting  in May 2015 and continuing until early 2022.  GN4 is aligned with the Horizon 2020 framework program for funding research by the European Commission. The 43 participating European NRENs will enter into a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) with the European Commission. GN4 project consists from 3 main activities:

  • Networking activities (NA),
  • Service Activities (SA) and
  • Joint Research Activities (JRA).

The NA3 T2 Kickoff meeting is one of the series of meeting on which will be discussed and accepted detail program for first period of this project in particular field.

Date and venue

Date: 4–5 May 2015
Place: Czech Technical university, Computing and Information Centre, Zikova 2, Prague, the Czech Republic.

The venue is located in the campus of the Czech Technical University in Dejvice
district, very close to Metro and other public transportation means. All the
necessary infrastructure is available including conference and terminal rooms
with Wi-Fi connectivity.


Monday 4 May 2015

12:00–13:00 registration + lunch
Opening (chair Jiří Navrátil/CESNET)
13:00–13:10 Welcome (N.N/CESNET)
13:10–13:30 GN4 project (John Dyer/Géant Association)
what is GN4 all about
13:30–13:40 GN3plus CBP afterthoughts (Jari Miettinen/CSC)
results and lessons learned
13:40–14:00 CBP in GN4 (Vanessa Pierne/RENATER)
task overview
National presentations (chair Janne Oksanen/CSC)
14:00–14:15 CESNET Campus Best Practice activities (Jiří Navrátil/CESNET)
14:15–14:30 RENATER and Campus Best Practice (Vanessa Pierne/RENATER)
14:30–14:45 AMRES CBP work on the horizon (Ivana Zirkovic and Andrijana Todosijevic/AMRES)
14:45–15:00 UNINETT campus challenges (Tom Myren/UNINETT)
15:00–15:30 coffee break
National presentations cont. (chair Tomas Podermanski/CESNET)
15:30–17:00 NREN presentations (approx. 8min/NREN)
ASNET-AM (Hrachya Astsatryan/ASNET-AM)
BASNET (Oleg Nosylovsky/BASNET)
BREN (Radoslav Yoshinov/BREN)
CEENET (Michal Przybylski/CEENET)
CSC/Funet (Janne Oksanen/Funet)
FCT-FCCN (Carlos Friaças/FCT-FCCN)
GRENA (Ramaz Kvatadze/GRENA)
HITSA (Maria Ristkok/HITSA)
MARnet (Vangel Ajanovski/MARnet)
MREN (Milan Cabak/MREN)
RENAM (Peter Bogatencov/RENAM)
19:00–22:00 eCulture program + dinner

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Project work plan workshop
9:00–10:30 Preparation of the workgroup plan: discussion and debate (chairs Jari Miettinen/CSC and Vanessa Pierne/RENATER)
tasks, workshops, training events, deliverables, timetables
10:30–11:00 coffee break
Agreeing the next steps
11:00–13:00 Project group meeting (chairs Vanessa Pierne/RENATER and Jari Miettinen/CSC)
summarize the decisions
further preparation tasks
next meeting
13:00–14:00 lunch
CBP world café
14:00–14:45 Café tables in different rooms/tables on:

  1. writing of BPDs (chair Carlos Friaças/FCT-FCCN)
  2. arranging workshops (chair Tomi Salmi/CSC)
  3. training activities – “CBP Academy” (chair Michal Przybylski/CEENET)
  4. dissemination activities (chair Nadia Sluer/Géant Association)
  5. national activity planning (chair Vangel Ajanovski/MARnet)
14:45–15:00 Summarizing discussions (table chairs)
lessons learned from the café tables
15:00 Kick-off meeting ends, farewell (Vanessa Pierne/RENATER and Jari Miettinen/CSC)

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How to get there

The campus location is really suitable. See the map below for instructions.

From the airport:
Bus no. 119 (stop is in the middle of the car park outside the arrival hall, just walk straight and look for the signs) will take you to the Metro station “Nadrazi Veleslavin” (15 minutes). Bus 119 ends here, so don’t worry. Change to Metro (subway) and go two stations in direction “Depo Hostivar” to the station “Dejvicka”. Then follow the instructions provided on the map below.The bus comes quite frequently—see the time table. You have to buy a general public transport ticket and stamp it inside the bus. The tickets are sold at newspaper kiosks for 32 CZK (about 1.2 Euro).
From anywhere else:
Use subway (Metro). Go to the line A and then to the Dejvicka station. Plans of Metro lines are available on
stations and inside trains (above every door). Then follow the instructions
provided on the following map.

Accommodation tips

We can recommend some hotels located close to the workshop venue:

Great availability of the workshop venue by Metro allows you to choose any hotel in Prague if no one from the forementioned recommendations fits your preferences. Simply use or similar generic accommodation service.

Last change: 26.8.2015