Campus network monitoring and security workshop


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CESNET as a member of the GN3 (GÉANT) project  together with other partners from the activity NA3—Task 2 Campus Best Practicesorganised a workshop focused on campus network monitoring and security. Participants discussed common practices in monitoring, tools used and processes deployed to improve management of campus networks.

Basic information

Date: April 24 to 25, 2014

Venue: Czech Technical University, Zikova 2, Prague 6, the Czech Republic (see more below)


See list of workshop participants.


Thursday April 24

Tools and products

9.30–10.00 FPGA accelerated application monitoring in 40 and 100G networks
Petr Kaštovský (INVEA) – presentation
10.00–10.30 coffe break
10.30–11.00 Monitoring of Application protocols in 40/100Gb Networks
Viktor Puš (CESNET) – presentation
11.00–11.30 pncweblib: A library for rapid development of web interfaces for usewith the perfSONAR NC Framework
Arne Oslebo (UNINETT) – presentation
11.30–12.00 Extended netflow processing with LibNf
Tomáš Podermanski (Brno University of Technology) – presentation
12.00–13.00 lunch

Applications and solutions

13.00–13.30 Configurable device discovery based on SNMP
Slavko Gajin (University of Belgrade) – presentation
13.30–14.00 From traditional to alternative approach to storage and analysis of flow data
Martin Žádník (Brno University of Technology) – presentation
14.00–14.30 Large scale passive monitoring at 10Gbps on commodity hardware
Arne Oslebo (UNINETT) – presentation
14.30–15.00 coffe break
15.00–15.30 Monitoring IPv4 address utilization/depletion in UNINETT
Morten Brekkevold (UNINETT) – presentation
15.30–16.00 The perfSONAR Project at 10 Years: Status and Trajectory
Jason Zurawski (ESnet), remote from USA via VC – presentation
16.00–16.30 New Approach to Recognition of VoIP Attacks from Honeypots
Miroslav Vozňák, Jakub Šafařík (CESNET) – presentation
16.30–17.00 NeMo/DDos-Detection
Jochen Schoenfelder (DFN-CERT)

Social event

Visit to the Krušovice Brewery. Bus leaves from Zikovat at 18.00.

Krušovice brewery – social event

Krušovice brewery – social event

Friday April 25

Analysis and reporting

9.30–10.00 Computer Incident Response Team as Integral Part of Campus Security
Jan Soukal, Pavel Čeleda, Jan Vykopal (Masaryk University Brno) – presentation
10.00–10.30 Measuring Quality and Penetration of IPv6 Services
Matěj Grégr (Brno University of Technology) – presentation
10.30–10.45 coffe break
10.45–11.15 Harvesting Logs and Events Using MetaCentrum Virtualization Services
Radoslav Bodó, Daniel Kouřil, Jiří ́Sitera, Miloš Mulač, Pavel Vondruška (University of West Bohemia) – presentation
11.15–11.45 Wifi service in university campuses, performance status and statistics
Koji Okamura (Kyushu University) – presentation
11.45–12.15 Log Analysis using Open Source Scalable Systems
Gurvinder Singh (UNINETT) – presentation
12.15–13.00 lunch

The future

13.00–13.30 NIX.CZ platform and SECURE VLAN
Petr Jiran (CZ.NIC) – presentation
13.30–14.00 Network traffic monitoring & security – from academic project to commercial product
Petr Špringl (INVEA) – presentation
14.00–14.30 Customized anomaly detection and analysis tools as a service
Tomáš Košňar (CESNET) – presentation
14.30–15.00 Teaming network operation complexity with change detection, inventory and automated deployment
Jean Benoit (University of Strasbourg) – presentation


in The Pub (Čs. armády 22, Prague 6—see the map).

The Pub – Friday dinner venue

The Pub – Friday dinner


The workshop took place at the

Czech technical University
Computing and Information Centre
Zikova 2
Prague 6
the Czech Republic

Full-size map

How to get there

From the airport: Bus no. 119 (stop is in the middle of the car park outside the arrival hall, just walk straight and look for the signs) will take you to the Metro station “Dejvicka” (25 minutes). Bus 119 ends here, so don’t worry. After leaving the bus use subway to cross the Evropská street, continue straight to Šolínova. Building entrance is on the corner of Šolínova and Zikova streets.

From anywhere else: Use Metro (subway). Every main train or bus station in Prague is directly connected to Metro. Go to the line A and then to station Dejvická (which is end-station of this line). Plans of Metro lines are available on stations and inside trains (above every door). Leve the train faicung the engine and the use the right subway exit. Continue straight to Šolínova. Building entrance is on the corner of Šolínova and Zikova streets.

Accommodation tips

We can recommend some hotels located close to the workshop venue:

Great availability of the workshop venue by Metro allows you to choose any hotel in Prague if no one from the forementioned recommendations fits your preferences. Simply use or similar generic accommodation service.



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