Communication infrastructure

Data transmissions represent the main requirement for using computers for solving tasks in many fields. Basic component of e-infrastructure is therefore a powerful computer network that can reliably support even outstanding requirements concerning volume or qualitative parameters of data transmissions. CESNET2 network that forms a backbone of CESNET e-infrastructure boasts of such characteristics. It is:

  • fast – transmission rate in order of tens Gbps,
  • flexible – besides internet communication it can offer special transmission services “customized” for demanding applications,
  • large – it covers all university towns in the Czech Republic and gradually extends to other locations following the needs,
  • reliable – due to high level of redundancy, quality components and non-stop management

Optical network

At a physical layer the communication infrastructure is almost fully built on optical fibers that allow the highest possible transmission rates. Combined with the DWDM technology the fiber capacity may be multiplied and individual optical channels (wavelengths) may be deployed for various parallel transmissions. It facilitates not only the increase of total backbone network throughput but also the dedicated paths for special purposes to combine transmission experiments with massive data volume transmissions with common traffic without any interference among them.

The optical network is connected to similar international infrastructures, primarily the European backbone for science, research, and education GÉANT and from there to similar American (project Internet2) and Asian networks. Because of that we can offer advanced transmission services also internationally.


The services offered by our communication infrastructure are primarily linked to data transmissions. The basic service is IP connectivity (IP) that offers an access to CESNET2 network and other connected networks and the global Internet based on the Internet Protocol (IP).

For higher demands on performance parameters there are the following advanced services: Dedicated circuits and networks (Circuit), Lambda services (dedicated L2 path) or Photonic services (dedicated fully optical path).

For mobility support the service eduroam has been developed together with connected organizations. It enables member institutions users to easily connect to host network during the visit.


Last change: 16.1.2014