International collaboration

The CESNET association is a member of following international organisations:

GÉANT Association
The association was established by joining TERENA Association and DANTE. Its goal is to develop and promote e-infrastructure for European science, research and education. Key activity of the association is the GÉANT project aimed to develop backbone infrastructure interconnectin European countries. CESNET is a member of GÉANT Association.
Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) is a virtual organisation dedicated to the development of LambdaGrid—a network to satisfy extreme transmission requirements.
The Internet2 U.S. project aims to raise Internet capabilities to a new level. Its goal is not to replace the contemporary Internet but to develop new services and extend its capabilities. CESNET is an international partner of the project.
Consortium of academic, commercial and governmental institutions all around the globe commonly operating a global computer network dedicated to create and test new telecommunication applications.
Organisation focused on the coordination of European grids for scientific computations and supporting their sustainable development.

Last change: 4.11.2015