Statement of ethical and responsible data handling

  1. We respect laws and regulations; we act responsibly and honestly.
  2. We dedicate due care to data handling.
  3. We respect the right to privacy and data ownership.
  4. We emphasise data protection and security of all e-infrastructure systems; we have a functional security team and adequately set processes for resolution of security incidents.
  5. We are “under the control” of the academic community – members of the CESNET association are public universities and the Academy of Sciences; the users know what happens in the association and can influence its operation.
  6. We have a risk management system developed and implemented; periodic inspections and maintenance of data processing systems are carried out.
  7. We approach data management with due care; we minimise environmental impacts.
  8. Data are stored and processed in the territory of the Czech Republic.

Last change: 3.10.2017