Networking Studies 2011

Selected Technical Reports

Networking-Studies 2011  is a publication containing 15 selected technical reports written by CESNET researchers. Individual reports are organised thematically as follows:

Part I: CESNET2 Network
  • CESNET2 Network BGP Design and Optimization
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering and Fast Reroute for MetaCentrum
  • CESNET IPv6 CoPP Implementation
Part II: Optical Network Technology
  • Deployment of CL ROADM and CL WSS Devices in the CESNET2 Network and the CESNET Experimental Facility
  • Testing and Deployment of CLM 2×16+16×2 and CLS/M in the CESNET Experimental Facility
  • Impact of Polarization State on High-Speed Transmission Formats in Laboratory and Real Transmission Line
  • Study of 40/100GE card implementation
Part III: Network Monitoring and Security
  • HAMOC – Hardware-Accelerated Monitoring Center
  • FlowMon for Network Monitoring
  • Hardware Packet Filter with IPv6 Support
  • SIP Penetration Test System
  • Virtual Network Monitoring in FEDERICA Project
Part IV: Middleware and Applications
  • 4K Video and Audio Packet Format for UltraGrid
  • MetaCentrum Virtualization – Use Cases
  • Towards Peer-to-Peer Scheduling Architecture for the Czech National Grid

The 245-page publication is available for download inPDF (13 MB).

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ISBN 978-80-904689-1-7

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