CESNET technology ensures the transmission of the concert to commemorate priest Josef Toufar

Prague, February 18, 2020. Audio-visual transmission of the concert to commemorate the Roman Catholic priest Josef Toufar
Event name: Candle for Toufar
Place: Borůvkovo sanatorium
Date: February 25th , 2020, 19:45

Online stream available: https://www.cesnet.cz/svicka/

With its unique technical solution, CESNET ensures the transmission of the concert to commemorate the Roman Catholic priest Josef Toufar. The concert is organized by MgA. Otakar Dušek, designer and documentarist, and will take place on February 25th, 2020, the day of 70 years since the tragic death of the Father.

The former Borůvkovo sanatorium in Legerova Street in Prague was chosen as a place of reverence. It will be connected to four churches around Legerova Street. For the first time, five locations will be interconnected, of which four will be the real-time interplay of musicians provided by CESNET technology. Bells and organ from the Church of St. Ludmila, St. Stephen´s Church, St. Ignatius Church and the Church of St. Catherine will accompany the premiere of the composition of Antonín Šrajer and Zdenek Polášek “Elegy of Toufar´s Cross”, specially composed for this event. Michaela Gemrotová will perform here accompanied by Jaroslav Tůma, organist and Groove Army drummers.

The concept of audio-visual transmission is described in the video: http://bit.ly/svicka.

A unique technological solution is provided by the team of Dr. Sven Ubik from CESNET. It is a low-latency audio and video interconnection of all involved sites through the Modular Video Transmission Platform (MVTP) hardware and Ultragrid software, which are the result of own research and development. With this technology, high-definition audio and video can be transmitted with a delay of five milliseconds. Technology brings the musicians virtually closer to a distance of approximately two meters, which corresponds to a comparable sound delay in acoustic propagation. MVTP and Ultragrid will allow long distance collaboration of artists, cultural exchange and a unique experience for audience members.

The Event Programme:
premiere of a documentary by Otakar Dušek dedicated to Priest Josef Toufar
premiere of an audio-visual composition by Antonín Šrajer and Zdenek Polášek

Audio-visual transmission is realized within the project “Distance cooperation in art education using modern transmission technologies” (number: TL1000106) supported by TA ČR.

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