People can browse a 3D visualisation of the rare treasury of the guild of shoemakers in Ctěnice

Prague, November 23, 2021. The CESNET association in cooperation with the Prague City Museum has prepared a 3D model of the treasury of the guild of shoemakers of the New Town, which is part of the permanent exhibition of the Ctěnice Chateau on the North-eastern outskirts of Prague.

The treasury of the guild of shoemakers of the New Town dates back to 1671. Visitors to the chateau can now not only see its original, but also, with the help of a virtual 3D model, take a look inside its interior and see in detail the Privilege of Maria Theresa, which is stored in the treasury. Thanks to the virtual model, they will also get to know the accompanying information. The original Privilege is part of the collections of the Prague City Archives and is not normally accessible. The 3D model thus offers a unique opportunity to study it in detail.

The visualisation of the Treasury and Privilege can also be viewed remotely on website.

Interactive visualizations of collection objects provide visitors and researchers with new ways to view and virtually manipulate objects. The Treasury visualization is another interactive 3D model that CESNET has developed in collaboration with collecting institutions. The information kiosk, incorporated sensitively into the castle’s exhibition, is equipped with modern technology and Internet access. Similarly, other installations created in cooperation between CESNET and the collecting institutions have Internet access. This makes it easy to manage all the installations, update the content and collect feedback from visitors.

All 3D models created by CESNET experts can be viewed on the website.


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