Entities Working on the European Cyber Security Project Named PROTECTIVE Have Met in Prague

Prague, 29 May 2017 A meeting of organizations involved collectively in the European project called PROTECTIVE (Proactive Risk Management Through Improved Cyber Situational Awareness) took place on 24 and 25 May in the CESNET premises in Prague.
The project, which was launched in September 2016 and will run until August 2019, is a part of the European Union H2020 programme. Its main goal is to create a pilot system for collecting and processing data and information from the security area within one organization or network and/or sharing of relevant data on the national and international level among the entities involved.

Participants in the Prague meeting agreed that sharing information on security and current threats, vulnerabilities, ongoing attacks and similar topics is one of the key aspects in maintaining cyberspace security and the basis for many activities of reactive and proactive character. The system developed within the project is therefore perceived as a very useful service that could potentially make the work of CERT and CSIRT teams more effective and introduce additional interesting data and information to all security-related activities.

The PROTECTIVE consortium is composed of three national research and education networks, including the domestic CESNET infrastructure, and three additional academic institutions and four commercial partners from eight countries.

“The CESNET association is involved mainly in the design of an information sharing architecture, individual components of the entire mechanism, internal and external communication interfaces, and extension components for processing data and information. Another role of the CESNET association within this project is testing of the system developed in its own environment, which in this case means the environment of the CESNET e‑infrastructure, and in the sphere of influence and responsibility of the accredited CESNET-CERTS security team. Testing in this environment where the newly designed system will need to be integrated to the existing processes, style of work and overall strategy for maintaining security of an extensive network infrastructure, will provide qualified feedback on efficiency and benefits of this system,” commented Andrea Kropáčová, CESNET coordinator for this project.

The goal of the PROTECTIVE project is to improve awareness of organizations about the risk posed by cyber security attacks, furnishing them with a tool that will enable them to increase security monitoring, share knowledge and information on threats within the community more efficiently and using additional resources, and also evaluate threats based on potential damage an attack could cause to property and activities of the given organization. Using the measures designed within the system, organizations are better prepared to handle incoming attacks, malware epidemics and other security issues. The organization can then appropriately target development of preventive and corrective processes.

More details regarding the PROTECTIVE project can be found at: https://protective-h2020.eu/

The CESNET Association was founded by Czech universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in 1996. It is engaged in research and development in information and communication technologies and builds and develops the CESNET national e-infrastructure for research and education. Thanks to its research activities and accomplishments, it represents the Czech Republic in important international projects, particularly in building the pan-European GÉANT network project or grid projects (EGI.eu), and actively participates in their implementation. CESNET puts great emphasis on the security of network operations, services and user protection.

Last change: 14.11.2017