CESNET3: Premiere of SRv6 technology in the national research network

Prague, 5 May 2023. CESNET is the first national research and education network in the world to deploy segment routing over IPv6 (SRv6) using the concept of micro-segments (uSID). SRv6 will contribute to the simplification of network architecture and processes, and thus to the efficient management and operation of the latest generation network called CESNET3.

SRv6 makes it easy to route traffic through faster or less congested routes, for example, but also to tailor the passage of packets through the network infrastructure to the needs of individual users or applications. It can therefore also be used to improve the security of the network environment by user routing of packets through protection and cleaning elements, such as the DDoS Protector from CESNET.

“The SRv6 uSID concept extends the capabilities of the programmable SRv6 network model and provides a secure way to place control information directly in the header of each packet, not only about where the traffic should be sent, but also ‘micro-instructions’ on how its contents should be handled, right at the network nodes. This significantly increases the efficiency and flexibility of the backbone network as a whole,” says Václav Novák, Head of Network Infrastructure at CESNET.

In this step CESNET, in cooperation with Cisco Systems and Networksys, upgraded its backbone network to a flexible high-speed communications infrastructure using innovative network technologies, of which SRv6 uSID is undoubtedly one.

CESNET, as the operator of the national e-infrastructure for science and research in the Czech Republic, thus realises its mission of continuous development of a cutting-edge technological environment and services that contribute to the creation of quality scientific research results and to the development of education across all disciplines.

The deployment of SRv6 technology takes place within the e-INFRA CZ project: Modernisation (CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/18_072/0015659).

The CESNET association was founded by various Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1996. Its objective is the operation and development of ICT services that comprise the national e-infrastructure for research, development and education e-INFRA CZ. Integral components of its activities include research and development in information and communications technology. CESNET is an active partner in numerous international research infrastructures, such as the Pan-European GÉANT research, development, and education network, the European Grid Infrastructure EGI.eu and the European infrastructure for open science EOSC. For more details, visit www.cesnet.cz and www.e-infra.cz

Last change: 27.6.2023