CESNET and CZ.NIC to build the CTI cybersecurity system

Prague, 31 May 2017. CESNET and CZ.NIC have been awarded a public contract by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic to build a Cyber Threat Intelligence security system.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) systems represent an up-to-date tool designed primarily to improve the security of computer networks and to gather the maximum relevant information significant for adopting qualified strategic, tactical or preventive security measures.

The main output of the Building and trial operation of the Cyber Threat Intelligence system project (VH20172021022), which has been awarded a project grant by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic under the Research, Development and Innovation Programme of the Ministry, is building and trial operation of the cyber threat detection, identification and prediction system and evaluation of security incidents. The system will enable the sharing of information regarding security events, incidents and threats both between the national and governmental CERT security team, and between the national and governmental CERT security team and selected electronic communications network operators.

“Within the project framework, we are going to use our extensive experience in the field of cyber security acquired thanks to being in charge of administration control for the national Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT.CZ). In addition, we will use the know-how gained over the many years of administration of the infrastructure for the operation of the .cz national domain as well as the development of the Turris security project,” said Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of CZ.NIC.

The CESNET Association will provide its long-term experience in the field of network operation monitoring, network data analysis, detection method development, collection and evaluation of detected security events, and resolution of security incidents by the CESNET-CERTS security team. The environment of the CESNET national e-infrastructure, which is currently comprised of 27 member networks (public universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences) and approximately 290 other institutions, plays a key role as well. CESNET’s national e-infrastructure serves as a major source of cyber security event and cyber security incident type data, and will also serve as the test environment for the design, development and practical verification of the functionality of individual components of the CTI target system.

“I am convinced that we will be able to create a helpful CTI system that will support and enhance the operation and collaboration of security experts across the domestic IT environment. Project results will undoubtedly contribute towards enhanced security of the national cyberspace of the Czech Republic,” asserted Jan Gruntorád, Managing Director of the CESNET Association.

The CESNET Association was founded by Czech universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in 1996. It is engaged in research and development in information and communication technologies and builds and develops the CESNET national e-infrastructure for research and education. Thanks to its research activities and accomplishments, it represents the Czech Republic in important international projects, particularly in building the pan-European GÉANT network project or grid projects (EGI.eu), and actively participates in their implementation. CESNET places great emphasis on the security of network operations, services and user protection.

The CZ.NIC Association is the administrator of the Czech national domain. Its activities also include awareness and educational activities as well as Internet research and development. The chief projects of CZ.NIC, most of which apply the open source principles, include the Turris Omnia router, Knot DNS server, BIRD routing daemon, FRED registration system or mojeID service. As part of its educational and awareness activities, CZ.NIC operates its own training centre (Akademie CZ.NIC) and is also engaged in the production of audiovisual training materials and publishing of specialist publications. CZ.NIC is also committed to the issue of Internet security; since 2011, it has operated CSIRT in the Czech Republic – CSIRT.CZ, and in 2013, CZ.NIC was one of the first members of the FENIX security project. CZ.NIC is a member of the EURid association, managing the European domain EU, and other similarly focused international organisations (CENTR, ccNSO, etc.). For more information go to www.nic.cz

Last change: 14.11.2017